Painting / Wallcovering Takeoffs


After you send us your drawings, we will look at your drawings, and estimate how large the project is, and send you a quote within 24-48 hours. Soon as you approve the quote, we will send you an invoice, and start working on your drawings. You can pay the invoice anytime before or after we finish working on your project, it is up to you. Once your project is ready, we will send you Proof of finished project, and soon as we have confirmation of payment of the invoice, you will get delivery of your project into your email. Then you can write up your bid, and send to your client. Its That Easy!

We perform the following work for you

Spec manual

We will carefully go over your spec manual based on your scope of work, and read the relevant sections

Main drawings setup and processing

We will measure the relevant areas to be painted, stained, wall-covered, etc.  We will label and color-code them on the drawings for you for easy viewing.

Spreadsheet filling

This is the second major part of the project: we will transfer all the takeoffs into an easy-to-read Excel spreadsheet, custom-made for you, with automatic totals formulas and reference notes, so you can gauge the scope & size of the project quickly


We will read any addendums that have already been issued, or as you send them in.


We will thoroughly check the takeoffs and spreadsheets before sending them to you for your own review, so that you can bid on your projects with more confidence than your competition.

So all the above time-consuming and meticulous work will be done for you at rates you can afford, so that you can focus on your daily operations and growing your business as a commercial painting contractor.

Take Action

Send us your drawings today! Try it ONCE, at least! It will cost you less than hiring a full-time estimator (or even a part time estimator for that matter)

Tips to make you more successful

Always send us the drawings well ahead of time, so that you don’t have to worry about extra “rush” fees. We would rather do a job properly for a fixed fee within a reasonable time, than have to rush. We don’t like to rush.

Make sure the project you want to bid on is somewhere within your cash flow and logistical ability. If you are not sure, we will make it possible for you to decide, by providing you the costing. You will be able to tell right away if it is for you or not, which leads us to the next point.

Cost control: if you want to save on takeoff costs, then try out a few takeoff projects for a couple of months. Thereafter, we can set up a custom budget for you, so that you don’t have to worry about individual project costs, and just pay a fixed range every month. It will be cheaper than keeping an additional estimator on staff. I can explain more later after you become a client.

Finally, remember, the most important tip about bidding:

The MORE bids you submit, the MORE the chances you have of getting a contract, and keeping your good crew members busy to retain them. Now, there is only one more thing to do: TAKE ACTION.